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IEI Lead for Aspiring Leaders

IEI:Lead is a unique learning opportunity built around collaboration and active research instead of a "sit and get" lecture pedagogy.  We designed these workshops where a small group of attendees will learn together in a virtual setting that is interactive. Participants will meet virtually for two hours of engagement and collaborative work for 10 weeks and attend an in-person culminating workshop to conclude the program. 

Course Topics:
  • Knowing Who You Are as a Leader
  • Leadership Commitments & Practices
  • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Modeling & Building Commitment
  • Creating a Virtuous Cycle
  • 21st Century Media Realities 
  • Understanding Budget & Finance
  • Maintaining Board Relationships
  • How to Build Your Brand

Our Instructors:

Our faculty includes practitioners who have led some of the nation's most complex school systems and who have been advocates for social justice and equal learning opportunities for all students. Difficult challenges demand actionable solutions. Let IEI help you build engagement around your district's needs. 

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