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IEI: Lead

Executive Coaching for District Leaders

IEI:Lead is a remote coaching/mentoring service for district leaders and aspiring superintendents. Coaches are leading national superintendents or former superintendents contracting to IEI with support from IEI staff. Topics will include COVID response, reshaping district work post-COVID, transforming district policies and instruction to ensure equitable educational opportunity for all kids

Additional Topics: 
  • Equity 
  • Negotiating Contracts 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Budget Challenges 
  • Curriculum and Instruction 
  • Disaster Response 
  • Special Education and Student Services 
  • Family Engagement and Communication 

How it Works:

  • 90-day coaching cycle with two sessions per month (every other week) for each district client
  • Max 6 district team members per coaching package
  • Sessions delivered via video conferencing

Our Instructors

Our faculty includes practitioners who have led some of the nation's most complex school systems and who have been advocates for social justice and an equal learning opportunity for all students. Difficult challenges demand actionable solutions. Let IEI help you build engagement around your district's needs.