IEI is committed to bringing educational leaders together to ensure that they have the influence, access, resources, and support they need to lift students’ voices.


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Our Theory of Action

Summits. Retreats. Workshops

We seek to elevate the role of superintendents in the K-12 industry by fostering a supportive and influential community. We strive to extend the tenure of all superintendents by providing unparalleled networking opportunities, cultivating a strong sense of belonging, and connecting them with leading solution providers. We empower superintendents to amplify their voices, becoming thought leaders who shape the future of education. Together, we are building a community that uplifts, supports, and drives lasting impact in the K-12 landscape and on the students in our schools.


Our Events 

IEI brings together instructional leaders, solution providers, and edtech investors to develop effective, sustainable solutions to real-world, right-now issues in K–12 public education.

To make meaningful and sustainable change in the K–12 industry, we need novel ideas, investors to help bring the ideas to life, and school leaders to implement the ideas in classrooms. When an idea lacks the support of any one of these groups, it is destined to fail in the K–12 space.

National Summits 

In the Fall, Spring/Winter, and Summer, IEI organizes a National Summit three times a year. The National Summits convene superintendents from across the National, Edtech leaders, K–12 entrepreneurs, and strategists to discuss and solve education's most pressing issues. Each summits destination is unique and provides the perfect opportunity to foster a collaborative community of innovation.

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Regional Retreats 

Our regional retreats are the perfect opportunity for superintendents to meet with fellow education leaders in their area and discuss k-12 most pressing issues specific to their region. 

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Supes' Choice Awards  

The Supes’ Choice Awards are the only education industry awards judged exclusively by school district superintendents. Each edtech product and solution is evaluated based on a commitment to student outcomes, innovation and ingenuity, client support, interactivity, and engagement.

Even more rewarding to the finalists is the unique opportunity to secure the undivided attention of superintendent judges from across the nation and receive constructive feedback throughout the evaluation process. The insights edtech companies receive from district leaders help many elevate their services or solutions from practical tools to must-haves for student success.

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IEI: Lead's Aspiring Superintendents Institute aims to prepare educational leaders for the role of superintendency through mentorship, collaboration, and further development of the necessary leadership skills to run a K-12 district.

Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will gather virtually once a week for 2-hour sessions led by prominent superintendents and thought leaders. Each session will dive deeper into various aspects of the job that are not always widely discussed. Topics will range from organizational/operational planning to fostering relationships with board members and stakeholders to HR and talent management systems. Participants will be invited to two in-person national IEI Summits with sitting superintendents, district leaders and edtech partner companies.

Cohort members will walk away with a network of district leaders and notable mentors, a deeper understanding of what superintendency entails, and a stronger sense of who you are as a leader in education. 

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Coaching and Consulting 

IEI: Advise will provide K-12 entrepreneurs with virtual and asynchronous opportunities to engage with and learn from IEI  Superintendents. Each engagement is customized for a partner's needs and goals, providing feedback from superintendents and other district leaders on your work at critical seminal stages. An IEI: Advise engagement could turn into long-term partnerships with IEI and its member superintendents.

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