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Building a bridge between the leaders and institutions developing new solutions to K–12’s greatest challenges.

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    When K–12 leaders, mission-driven organizations, and innovative thought leaders convene to tackle public education’s most pressing issues, their community approach to problem-solving results in effective, sustainable solutions.

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    Meet the instructional, organizational, and thought leaders who partner with us.


Our Summits

IEI Summits bring together instructional leaders, solution providers, and edtech investors to develop effective, sustainable solutions to real-world, right-now issues in K–12 public education.

Due to Covid-19, we transitioned our summits to regional, hybrid events with virtual and on-site attendees. The health and safety of our members and guests are crucial but work still needs to be done, even more now than ever.

Check out this video from our summer symposium to see what an IEI conference is like:
IEI Membership Recruitment Video

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Latest Podcast

In this unique gathering of education leaders, Doug and Dr. Toni Cleveland from HERDI* facilitate a discussion with K-12 superintendents, Mr. William Black from Paducah Public Schools, and Dr. Danny Merck from Pickens County School District, and college presidents, Dr. Merrill Irving Jr. from Hennepin Technical College, and Dr. Maureen Murphy from College of Southern Maryland. These leaders discuss the importance of establishing strong programs and curriculum for not only the college-bound student at the K-12 level but also offering career readiness opportunities for those entering various career fields right after graduation. 

Having college presidents converse with K-12 superintendents opened a dialogue that rarely happens. They share ways in which schools can foster programs to elevate a student's options after graduation.

*HERDI - Higher Education Research and Development Institute