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How to Join
Superintendent participation is by invite or application only.

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Superintendent Membership



  • Participate in our Winter and Summer National Summits
  • Grow your professional practice
    • Network with like-minded colleagues from around the nation
    • Develop and refine superintendent responses to challenges and crises through simulation workshops
    • Represent your district at a national institute of K–12 thought leaders
  • Guide the future of K–12 innovation
    • Participate in panel discussions with K–12 investors and entrepreneurs
    • Help investors and entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes of the past





  • Network with district leaders and industry peers
    • Seek feedback from forward-thinking superintendents that will improve your organization, refine your solution, and better serve the needs of educators, students, and families
    • Connect with leaders in group and 1:1 settings
    • Enjoy opportunities to build relationships in an unstructured, relaxed atmosphere
  • Evolve your leadership skills
    • Engage with leading superintendents, investors, and peers
    • Stay up-to-date on industry news, K–12 policy trends, and professional learning opportunities
Partnerships are available on an annual and per-event basis. To learn more or become a member, get in touch. READ MORE