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  • S3E8: A Look into School Board Meetings with Dr. Richard Cobb and Dr. Bill Heath
    In this episode, Doug Roberts has a chance to sit with Dr. Richard Cobb, Superintendent at Mid-Del School District, and Dr. Bill Heath, Superintendent at Lincoln County Schools, to find out what their experiences have been with school board meetings this year. Dr. Heath and Dr. Cobb share how their meetings have remained civil during this time where many other districts have experienced turmoil.
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  • S3E7: IEI Road Show Recap with Doug
    Doug reflects on his time visiting IEI members and districts during the IEI Road Show. He shares some highlights and amazing things that are taking place in schools across the Southeast region and reminds us of the incredible work that is happening each day in classrooms everywhere. 
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  • S3E6 Who Gets to Be Gifted in America with Marc Smolowitz
    Doug had the opportunity to sit down with director and producer, Marc Smolowitz to discuss equity in education when it comes to gifted programs in America. This important yet rarely discussed aspect in education is the premise of Marc's upcoming documentary, THE G WORD. 
    Marc is currently in post-production on THE G WORD -- a feature-length documentary that aims to be the most comprehensive film ever made on the topics of gifted, talented, and neurodiverse education across the United States. The film asks the urgent equity question -- In the 21st century, who gets to be Gifted in America and Why? and is scheduled to premiere in late 2022.
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  • S3E5: Cross-Pod with Dr. Matthew Joseph - All Things Supes
    In this episode, Doug joins Dr. Matthew Joseph on his podcast "You Can't Make This Up" for a cross-pod interview. Doug shares how IEI came to be. Creating learning opportunities for partners and members, building foundational relationships, and establishing trust from the get-go are the pillars of the organization. Dr. Joseph and Doug continue the conversation with Supes' Choice where edtech companies with any budget can get feedback on their product directly from our superintendents. You can learn more at! They also talk about the importance of supporting superintendents and district leaders. Doug shares a bit about bolstering educational leadership with IEI: Lead-Aspiring Superintendent Institute. 
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  • S3E4: Supes' Choice Awards with Sarah Williamson, owner of SW/PR group
    Doug sits down with Sarah Williamson, owner of SW/PR group, to talk about IEI's inaugural Supes' Choice Awards that is currently accepting submissions now through October 30, 2021. Supes' Choice is all about connecting great companies who want to get valuable feedback with forward-thinking IEI superintendent members. This is a low price point opportunity for a company of any size to put their idea in front of superintendents and receive thoughtful consideration and reviews. Go to to enter!  
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  • S3E3 Moving Forward with Eric Westendorf, Monica Brady-Myerov, and Mark Rothschild
    In this episode, Doug Roberts sits down with Eric Westendorf, Co-Founder & CEO of Coursello, Monica Brady-Myerov, Founder & CEO of Listenwise, and Mark Rothschild, CEO of Right At School during the ASU+GSV event in San Diego. During this three-in-one interview, Doug discusses the challenges each of their companies has faced over the past eighteen months and how they are pushing forward toward a brighter future. 
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  • S3E2 Equity & Anti-Racism with Colin Seale, Dr. Nataki Gregory, Lynne Inabnitt, and Jess Gartner
    In Episode 2, Colin Seale, CEO of Think Law, facilitates a conversation with Dr. Nataki Gregory, CEO of CT3 Education, Lynne Inabnitt, Co-Clinical Director at Global Teletherapy, and Jess Gartner, Founder/CEO of Allovue during our summer symposium at the Biltmore. These thought leaders take a deep dive into the importance of equity and anti-racism within a company, and how hard conversations are truly necessary for continued, sustainable growth. 
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  • S3E1 Instructional Intervention Strategies

    In Episode 1 of Season 3, Doug is sharing a panel discussion from the summer symposium in Asheville, NC with IEI members Mr. Todd Dugan, Superintendent in Bunker Hill, Illinois, Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent in Highline, Washington, Mr. Tom Burton, Superintendent from Princeton City School District in Ohio, and Dr. Joseph Davis, Superintendent from Ferguson-Florissant School District in Missouri. This panel was moderated by Mr. Philip Cutler, CEO of PAPER. Listen here for their thoughts on the upcoming school year and how to bring new ideas and innovations around instruction and intervention.

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  • S2E29 Season Finale! IEI Members Reflect on Their Years of Service Before Retirement
    Doug Roberts sits down with Dr. Deborah Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction from Brighton Central School District in New York, and Dr. John Jungmann, Superintendent of Springfield Public Schools in Missouri as they close out their careers as district leaders and celebrate retirement. Debby & John discuss how they started their careers, some lessons learned, and what they have planned for the future. 
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  • S2E28 Celebrating Educators 
    This week's podcast features three amazing teachers from across the country. We are joined by Erin Leahy a middle school reading teacher in Omaha, NE, Katie Graham a 2nd-grade teacher from Pittsburg, PA, and Melissa Crawl a 4th-grade teacher from Chelsea, AL. Listen as these educators share their thoughts on instruction, school culture, and their overall reflection on one of the toughest yet rewarding school years. 
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  • S2E27 Leadership Discussion with Dr. Robert Avossa & Doug Roberts 
    Join us this week with former superintendent, education thought leader, and IEI Senior Advisor, Dr. Robert Avossa. Dr. Avossa talks about the leadership of superintendents during Covid and advice he has for these leaders as they go back to "normal" next school year. Also, listen in to hear about some of the upcoming IEI events for K12 industry leaders. 
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  • S2E26 Creating a Community of Supes & CEOs with Sarah Williamson & Doug Roberts

    Sarah Williamson from "Build Momentum" chats with our CEO Doug Roberts on all things ed-tech, leadership, and building community. They also discuss how IEI handled the challenges of Covid and where we are headed for the 2021-2022 school year. 
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  • S2E25 Finishing out the School Year Strong with Matt Miller 
    Matt Miller, Superintendent of Lakota Local Schools in Ohio (Follow him on Twitter @lakotasuper) discusses how he and his staff conquered the challenges of Covid this year and together organized memorable graduation ceremonies that celebrated that focused on the students and all they have accomplished. Matt talks about his new learning; what he will change, and what will stay the same moving forward with a positive outlook for next year. 
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  • S2E24 Strategies for Anywhere, Anytime Instruction with Paper's Phil Cutler

    An august panel of superintendents joins Phil Cutler of Paper for a discussion about the strategies they are deploying to make instruction available to all student anywhere, anytime. The panel includes: 

    Dr. Ann Levett, Superintendent, Savannah-Chatcham County Public Schools (GA)

    Dr. Danny Merck, Superintendent, Pickens County Public Schools (SC)

    Dr. Debby Baker, Assistant Superintendent, Brighton CSD (NY)

    Mr. Todd Dugan, Superintendent, Bunker Hill CUSD (IL)

    Dr. Adam Clark, Superintendent, Mt. Diablo USD (CA)

    Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools (WA)

    Originally recorded at the IEI Spring Summit, Colorado Springs, CO

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  • S2E23 Dr. PJ Caposey- Do Not Wish It to be Easier!
    Dr. PJ Caposey (@mcusdsupe), Superintendent of Meridian CUSD in IL, gives the IEI Spring Summit his talk, "Do Not Wish It to be Easier," plus some updates from @dougroberts_iei about how the K12 business is shifting and how IEI will be continuing to innovate to support its members and partners. 
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  • S2E22 Micro-Credentials with MIDAS and Dr. Gustavo Balderas 
    IEI Member Superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Balderas of Edmonds Public Schools and Megan Harney and Patrick Leonard of MIDAS Education join Doug to discuss micro-credentials and the possibility of a shift in how large-scale and summative assessments will work. We also discuss the changing landscape of teacher professional development and the onset of micro-credentials to facilitate individualized learning paths. 
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  • S2E21 ABCs of ESSER with Jess Gartner of Allovue

    This session is a must-listen for anybody who cares about public schools: vendors, district leaders, parents, board members, voters in a school budget election.  

    Jess breaks down the funding from the CARES Act in plan English and offers advice from her deep expertise in ed finance for how districts can make a multi-year plan with these dollars that will best position them to deliver value to the students they serve.  

    This was a session at the IEI Spring Summit in Colorado Springs.  

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  • S2E20 IEI Superintendents: 5 Minutes of Fame

    A round robin "group keynote" from IEI superintendents telling great stories about the work they've done this year to the assembled IEI Spring Superintendent Summit in Colorado Springs. In this episode, you'll hear from: 

    Dr. Dwight Jones, Denver Public Schools, CO

    Mr. Ken Dyer, Dougherty County Schools, GA

    Mr. Todd Dugan, Bunker Hill CUSD, IL

    Dr. Shanna Downs, Gilmer County Schools, GA

    Dr. Tim Mitchell, Riverside CUSD, IA

    Mr. Mike Daria, Tuscaloosa Public Schools, AL

    Mr. Dan Cox, Rochester Public Schools, IL

    Moderated by Talk Supes Host Doug Roberts and Kevin Mitchell and Spencer Anderson of Audio Enhancement.

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  • S2E19 Fireside Chat with Dr. Dwight Jones + Governer Jared Polis Welcomes IEI to CO!
  • S2E17 Keeping Kids Safe with Steve Murley and Gretchen from Gaggle 
    In this episode, Doug has an in-depth discussion about the new ways districts are keeping kids safe online and offline with IEI Advisory Board Superintendent Mr. Stephen Murley of Green Bay Community School District in Wisconsin and Gretchen Thompson, RVP at Gaggle.  
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  • S2E18 In which Jim McVety and @dougroberts_iei share strategies for picthing districts and Jim critiques Dougs 2 minute pitch 

    Jim McVety, CEO of First Step Advisors and advisor to IEI, sits down with Doug to share strategies for K12 companies seeking to grow their business through district partnerships during this unique time in our business. 

    Doug takes his own medicine and does a 2-minute pitch of IEI's hybrid meeting software, @use_remo. Jim critiques. 

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  • S2E16 James Miles, Mike Kleba, Leigh Ann Putman 
    SXSW EDU presenters Mike Kleba and James Miles join IEI superintendent Leigh Ann Putman of the Metro Atlanta RESA to talk mentoring and morale in our schools with guest host Sara Croll!
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  • S2E15 Managing Screen Time with Steve Mesler and Todd Dugan 
    This week, Doug visits with Steve Mesler, Olympic Gold Medal BobSledder and CEO/Founder of Classroom Champions and Mr. Todd Dugan, Superintendent of Bunker Hill CUSD in IL, to discuss screen time management, social/emotional health, coaching, and instruction during this interesting school year.  
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  • S2E14 The changing face of professional development with Dr. Johnnie Thomas 
    Dr. Johnnie Thomas, superintendent of Rich Township 227 School District in IL and Max Brooks, VP of District Partnerships at CT3 join Doug to talk about the changing nature of PD and some of the progressive decisions Rich Township began making a few years ago to address the achievement gap and how that early work will support their students and community through the post-pandemic recovery period. 
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  • S2E13 Dr Kristie Brooks and Donnie Whitten of Apptegy 
    IEI Director of Marketing, Sara Croll, hosts this episode! She visits with Dr. Kristie Brooks, superintendent of Chattahoochee County Schools in Georgia, and Donnie Whitten of Apptegy about how they've worked together over the years to engage district families and community members.  
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  • S2E12 Dr. Quinten Shepherd, Katie Lash, co-pod with Sarah Williamson and Build Momentum Pod

    Talk Supes teams up with Sarah Williamson of Build Momentum Pod to talk about entrepreneurialism and the superintendency. We are joined by IEI members Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent of Victoria ISD (TX) and Ms. Katie Lash, Director of the East Central ESD in Indiana.  

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  • S2E11 Jeff Anderson and Colin Seale on the resilience of schools and rolling with the pandemic punches 
    Colin Seale, Founder/CEO of Thinklaw and Jeff Anderson, CEO of Audio Enhancement join Doug to talk about the resilience of schools and district leaders, changes to the way districts are doing business, and their own leadership journey through this crazy pandemic adventure. 
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  • S2E9 Clayton Wilcox, Dallas Dance on leadership and superintendent self-care  
    Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Dance, emeritus superintendents, join us to discuss leadership strategies in difficult times and preview the reflection and self-care program they are planning, along with emeritus superintendent Traci Davis, for IEI's Las Vegas Superintendent Retreat Feb 25-28.  
  • S2E8 Dr. Paul Gavoni and the power of relationships 
    Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni joins Doug and two IEI member superintendents, Dr. Jason Andrews of Windsor CSD in NY and Dan Cox of Rochester 3a in IL, to talk about the power of relationships to get our schools through this pandemic challenge.
  • S2E7 Looking back at the good in 2020, looking forward to 2021
    The whole IEI team comes on to introduce this episode, which features Jeff Patterson of Gaggle, Jess Gartner of Allovue, Megan Harney of MIDAS, and Berj Akian of Classlink. We reflect on the good things that happened during an otherwise terrible year, and we look forward to 2021!
  • S2E6 Equity and Curriculum: The fight and the opportunity ahead

    This episode features a panel discussion from our final Fall 2020 IEI Retreat at Suncadia, WA, featuring:

    Dr. Susan Enfield, Highline Public Schools

    Ms. Heather Bybee, Director of Curriculum, Spokane Public Schools

    Eric Westendorf, Founder, Learnzillion and former principal

    Chris Blevins, iStation

  • S2E5 School Finance Challenges with Jess Gartner and Doug Mesecar

    This panel from IEI's Fall 2020 Hybrid/Virtual Superintendent Retreat in Georgia examines the challenges of school finance during the pandemic, what we know, and what we don't know.  Doug Mesecar of Strategos Consulting and Jessica Gartner, Founder/CEO of Allovue, give insight on the federal funding landscape and advice to district leaders and vendors for how to best ride out the fiscal uncertainty and challenges.  

    IEI Member superintendent Leigh Ann Putman of Metro Atlanta RESA in GA co-moderates with IEI CEO Doug Roberts.  Kevin Mitchell of Audio Enhancement also contributes to the discussion.

  • S2E4 Andy Crozier, Sarena Shivers, Michael Munoz, and Tad Everett: Challenges we slayed, lessons we learned

    4 IEI superintendents discussed the challenges we slayed this year and the lessons we learned, originally recorded at our IL Fall Superintendent Retreat at Eagle Ride Resort in Galena, IL.  The panel was moderated by Dr. Andy Crozier, Superintendent of Central Lee CSD, IA.  The panel included:

    Dr. Tad Everett, Sterling Public Schools, IL

    Dr. Sarena Shivers, Superintendent Emeritus and Executive Director of Michigan Association of School Administrators

    Mr. Michael Munoz, Superintendent of Rochester Public Schools, MN

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  • S2E3 Keeping kids in our schools physically and emotionally healthy during a pandemic

    Panel discussion from IEI's Summer Symposium on social/emotional and physical health strategies being deployed in districts across the country, featuring:

    Justin Jennings, CEO, Youngstown Public Schools, OH

    Dr. Quintin Shepherd, Superintendent, Victoria ISD, TX

    Dr. Shai Fuxman, EDC

    Dr. Rob Darzienkiewicz, M.D., Hazel Health

    Stephanie Taylor, Presence Learning

    Alex Meis, Kinvolved

  • S2E2 The Original Pandemic: A discussion on equity 
    This discussion from IEI's Summer Symposium at The Biltmore is moderated by Ms. Traci Davis, Superintendent Emeritus and advisor to IEI, and features 3 great superintendents, Dr. Mark Bedell of Kansas City (MO), Dr. Luvelle Brown of Ithaca (NY), and Dr. Gregory Hutchings of Alexandria (VA), as well as Dr. Brian Kingsley, CAO of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
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  • S2E1 Dr. Jody Barrow, Fayette County Schools, GA
    Dr. Jody Barrow, pioneer IEI member, sits down with Doug to kick off Season 2 of Talk Supes (and CEOs) with only 1 month left in the superintendent's chair. Dr. Barrow delayed his retirement 3 months to help his district through the pandemic and transition things to a new leader. We reflect back on a long successful career delivering results for students and their families. 
  • S1E31 Dr. Howard Koenig, Central Islip UFSD, on 40+ years as a superintendent

    Dr. Howard Koenig, superintendent of Central Islip UFSD on Long Island, NY, reflects back on his 40+ years as a superintendent.  This is not Howard's first attempt to retire, but this time it may stick. Howard and Doug talk about Howard's long career as a champion for public school students and we reflect on the leadership challenge of a generation as Howard's colleagues carry into the fall with plans to respond to the pandemic. Thank you for your distinguished service to public school students, Dr. Koenig!

  • S1E30 Dr. Tim Mitchell, Superintendent of Riverside CSD, IA
    Journey with Doug to Iowa, where schools had just begun resuming sports even though it was already summer break! Tim has been through many challenges in his career of superintendenting, and he shares how he is applying those lessons learned to this current situation.  Tim also talks about how the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism discussions have made their way to his mostly white rural district.
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  • S1E29 Health protocols with Hazel and School Finance during a pandemic with Allovue
    Doug visits first with longtime friends and partners at Allovue with some thoughts to chew on related to the impending fiscal challenges facing schools due to COVID.  Then he sits down with Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz, Chief Medical Officer at Hazel Health, about the slippery slope involved with minimizing exposure to COVID when we bring kids back into buildings.  
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  • S1E28 Mitch Weisburgh talks VR/AR
    Mitch Weisburgh, Founder/CEO of Academic Biz Advisors and co-Founder of joins Doug to talk about some ideas fur utilizing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality during this new age of forced distance learning in our schools.  
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  • S1E27: David Irwin on making big changes with small steps
    Consultant, former NYCDOE official and current NJ school board member David Irwin joins Doug to talk about his method for making big changes with tiny steps each day. Also: we explore how the talk of Blended Learning over the last 10-12 years failed to engage educators and educational leaders and why this should be a learning opportunity for everybody in the K12 ecosystem- you can't "reform" schools without involving the educators in the discussion!
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  • S1E24 Dishing with Doug, Gretchen, and Paula
    Just 3 people who've been at this a while in the education industry dishing on coping strategies, ideas for how partners can weather the storm, and discussing our ideas for positive changes that can come out of COVID, particularly for underserved kids in public schools.
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  • S1E23 NY Superintendents on Home Instruction and School Finance Challenges

    Doug sits down with IEI members from rural and suburban NY Districts to talk about how they are managing to deliver instruction and services during COVID-19, and the impending school finance challenges they expect to face in the 2020-2021 School Year.  Panelists include:

    Mr. Ryan Pacatte, Avon CSD

    Mr. Matthew Cole, Livonia CSD

    Mr. Kevin MacDonald, Gennessee Valley BOCES

    Dr. Robert Molisani, Caledonia-Mumford CSD

    Mr. Rich Calkins, Pocantico Hills CSD

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  • S1E22 Eric Hirsch of Ed Reports Talks Curriculum Decision-Making 
    Eric Hirsch of Ed Reports joins Doug to nerd out on curriculum! 
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  • S1E21 Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of Highline Public Schools (WA)-Equity Equity Equity
    Doug visits with Dr. Susan Enfield, superintendent of Highline Public Schools (south of Seattle, WA) and we talk about Equity and what COVID-19 might be un-earthing in terms of the work ahead of us to ensure every student has access to education. We also talk about Susan's "tweet heard round the world" about what vendors should NOT do as districts scramble to respond to a global pandemic.
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  • S1E20 Dr. Clayton Wilcox and Ms. Traci Davis on Leadership During a Crisis 
    Clayton Wilcox, former superintendent of a few places but most recently Charlotte-Mecklenburg in NC, and Traci Davis, former superintendent in Washoe County (Reno) NV, talk about leading a district during times of crisis, strategies for maintaining sanity, and advice to partners about how to work with districts during this difficult time.  
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  • S1E19 Larry Berger
    Larry Berger, Founder/CEO of Amplify joins Doug to talk about school in the age of COVID-19, how things might change, and how parents who've suddenly become teachers can survive this! Hang in there, everyone!
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  • S1E17 Panel: Helping District Partners during COVID-19
    IEI pulled together a Zoom panel of some of its corporate partners and a member superintendent to talk about what is happening in school districts as they fight to continue to provide educational and related services to kids and families. Our corporate partners share some of the work they are doing to provide services at no cost and with light to no implementation lift, and IEI Advisory Board Member John Welch of Puget Sound ESD (Seattle area) shares some heroic stories from districts in the Seattle area.
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  • S1E16 We're Back! Dr. Art Fessler CCSD#59 (IL)
    IEI Advisory Board Member and Superintendent of CCSD #59in IL, Dr. Art Fessler, joins us to talk about decision-making processes and how they were preparing to handle the COVID-19 situation. The episode was recorded a few days before schools were closed in Illinois. Please follow Art on Twitter @afess7.
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  • S1 E16 Fireside Chat with K12 Investors Steve Kupfer and Jennifer Wu
    This is the recording of a workshop at the IEI Palm Springs General Session in which @dougroberts_iei sits down for a "fireside chat" with two leading K12 investors, Jennifer Wu of @reachfund and @steve_kupfer of Red House Capital. Steve and Jen dish on the investments of which they are most proud in terms of their impact on kids and share their thoughts on the new ideas coming forward in the safety/security sector of K12.
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