Institute for Education Innovation (IEI) Superintendent Membership Overview
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The Institute for Education Innovation is dedicated to thought leadership by and for superintendents, deputy superintendents, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists in K–12 education. We believe that when individuals come together for insightful dialogue, we all improve in our work to support students and families in their pursuit of successful careers and lives.

We are an invitation-only membership-based organization that connects the individuals and organizations committed to seeing students succeed in school and life, creating a safe space for constructive problem-solving and innovative thinking. We are the only organization of its kind that publishes position papers as a result of the discussions among our members at our summits.

We greatly value our IEI member contributions to the thought leadership within the education community, and collectively share a spirit of innovation.  We are proud that IEI is able to stand among innovative superintendents and assistant superintendents from districts across the country, and we are committed to serving this family at the highest level.

Please review our Membership Brochure and feel free to get in touch with us here, so that we can answer any questions you may have.