Institute for Education Innovation | S3E16: Breaking the Mold with Josh Chernikoff
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  • S3E16: Breaking the Mold with Josh Chernikoff

    Josh is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of three education companies: Ashley Tutors, Flex Academies, and Flex Tutors. He also began recording and hosting podcasts called “How I Broke That” and "Breaking the Grade" where, in his words, “each episode will simultaneously induce cringes and provide comfort in helping you realize you are not alone in breaking something on your path to innovation.” Beyond starting education companies, he also runs Cascade Communications, where he provides coaching to companies in the education space. Josh has much to share with his experiences of innovating and not just thinking outside of the box, but taking that box and breaking it wide open! As Josh says in our show, "Fear is a liar" and don't forget that oftentimes obstacles are just opportunities in disguise.

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