Institute for Education Innovation | SE317: From Carpool Mom to CEO with Joanna McFarland
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  • SE317: From Carpool Mom to CEO with Joanna McFarland

    What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than by interviewing the CEO and Co-Founder of a female-lead company? Joanna McFarland and her Co-Founders, Janelle McGlothlin and Carolyn Yashari Becher, began HopSkipDrive at the dining room table during a kid's birthday party. These moms saw the need for a trustworthy, efficient transportation solution in their community and the rest is history. Joanna and her team at HopSkipDrive are impacting the lives of students and families in districts across the country in more ways than one. Listen in to hear how their "Mom DNA" has helped build a business where working parents are embraced and celebrated and kids are empowered to seize opportunities that would otherwise seem unfathomable. As Joanna said in the show, "The difference between struggle and success can sometimes be as simple as the ability to show up."